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After Placement of Dental Implants

After the surgery, metal healing abutment will be protruding from the place of surgery, specifically from the gingival tissue in the gum. That is why you must avoid disturbing the place of wounds. You must not rinse, spit, or touch the place of the wound on the day of surgery.


For 24 hours of the surgery, bleeding or bit redness in the saliva is normal. If you are bleeding excessively and your mouth is being filled with blood, bite on a gauze pad at the place of the wound for thirty minutes and it will stop. If bleeding continues even after it, give us a call for further instruction.


It is normal to have some swelling after the surgery. The swelling can subside by applying an ice bag or ice packed in a plastic bag or towel on the cheek, over the area of surgery. You can apply the ice for 20 minutes and take a 20 minutes break. And repeat again. Continue doing this for the next 36 hours.


Drink plenty of fluid on the day of surgery and after. On the day of surgery, have soft food and liquid. The patient must avoid hot food and hot liquid. Use discretion to go back to normal food habits unless you are directed otherwise.


Once the local anesthesia wears off, you need to start on pain medication right away. For dealing with moderate pain, you will be prescribed 1 or 2 Tylenol or Extra Strength Tylenol that you need to take every three to four hours. Instead of Tylenol, you can also opt for Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin). You can buy 200mg tablets over the counter and can take 4 of them every 6 hours a day. For severe pain, follow the prescription. If the patient is allergic to any of these medications, avoid taking them, and talk to the doctor.


Antibiotics might be prescribed to prevent further infection. Follow the prescription by our dentist in this case.

Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene must be maintained for quick healing. You will be prescribed Peridex Oral Rinse that you need to use once on the day of surgery and twice daily from the next day onwards, after breakfast and before going to bed at night. Rinse for 60 seconds and then spill it out. You should use warm salt water rinses too with one teaspoon salt in one cup of warm water, for 4-5 times a day after meals or as directed by the doctor. Brush your teeth and the metal healing abutment. Make sure you are being gentle while you are brushing the wound.


If you exercise or indulge in physical activity right after the surgery, it will cause throbbing and pain. So, you must keep physical activities to minimum following the surgery. You must remember that you are not taking all the nourishment; it will make you weak for physical activities.

Wearing Prosthetic

Just after the surgery or at least for the next 10 days, you should not use prosthetics like partial or full dentures and flippers.

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