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Facial Fillers

While opting for facial fillers you need to know that these are subtle just like the person wants. This is very much contrary to the erroneous belief of many people who think that facial fillers will give them the notorious appearance as seen on Telly – extremely fake and “plasticky” appearance.

At Rolle Oral & Facial Surgery, we use Allergan products for our fillers and one of the great things about it is the treatment visualizer. It is a phone app that allows a patient to take a picture of his or her face and use the cursor to assess what his or her face would look like with different levels of the filler. It is a great way to see if particular filler you are opting for will suit you.

Dr. Richard Rolle has treated numerous professional men and women who desire to look just subtly refreshed and not want an over-dramatic or fake appearance.

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