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BOTOX® Cosmetic

Botox- What does it mean?

Botox is the most common cosmetic procedure in North America. Basically a muscle relaxer, Botox is minimally invasive and  is injected into the facial muscles to help reduce wrinkles and give you smooth-looking skin. Muscle contractions are the cause of wrinkles on our faces. Botox comes in the form of purified protein which causes these muscles to relax rather than contract.

What does Botox do?

Botox is injected into the muscles that cause wrinkles by tensing up. It blocks some of the transmitters in the muscles which prevents them from tensing up and keeps them in relaxed position. The process is called cosmetic denervation. What Botox does is that it blocks some of the transmitters in the facial muscles which prevents them from contracting and keeps them in relaxed position.

Does Botox surgery hurt?

The sting of the tiny needle used to inject Botox is minimal. There is no need for anesthesia as the complete process is painless.

How long do Botox treatments take and last?

Botox treatments may require just one 5-15 minute appointment. The results are almost immediate with its effects lasting for 3 to 4 months.

Why to consult an oral surgeon for Botox surgery?

As far as oral & maxillofacial areas are concerned, oral surgeons are adept with more advanced training. At Rolle Oral & Facial Surgery, our surgeons have in depth knowledge about face and maxillofacial surgeries. Along with that we use our regular experience in center to provide our patients with the best care possible. Can Botox be used in anything else other than smoothing wrinkles?

Indeed! Botox also benefits many other oral treatments, including highlighting new teeth and smoothening wrinkles around the lips. Moreover, Worry lines, crow’s feet and laugh lines can all be done away with now. Botox can also be used to lower facial pain (chronic) and the muscle contraction intensity. Dr. Rolle suggests the use of Botox to treat jaw clenching, TMJ and teeth grinding.

Botox treatment is a revolutionary approach towards the smoothening of facial wrinkles. All the issues mentioned hereby are dynamic wrinkle lines and are treatable with Botox. This process of Botox injection into the facial muscles responsible for the wrinkles, is called cosmetic denervation.

Pre-Surgery Procedures

Before the Botox surgery is performed, we will carry out an evaluation of your medical history in order to understand your overall health conditions. Along with this, an all-around eye examination is carried out in order to decide which injection sites are the most effective. The area that will be treated upon is marked and digital photographs are captured in order to know the amount of improvement post-surgery. No issue or concern is left un-discussed.

The Botox Procedure

As Botox injections are virtually painless, anesthesia is not usually used during the procedure. The only thing you feel is a small sting. The results, however, are not permanent. In order to retain the effects, the procedure needs to be repeated 2 to 3 times a year. Research has proven that long-term use of Botox injections leads to more sustained effects of each procedure. However, patients who are over 65 years of age may not experience them. Botox can only be used to treat expression lines and cannot be used to treat sagging skin that results from aging.

Post-Operative Information

Patients might experience slight bruises around the treated area post-surgery. But it should not be a case of concern as they fade quickly and one can return to normal life immediately. The possible side-effects, if at all, include weakness (temporary) in the muscles nearby the treated area and a drooping eyelid (in very rare cases). Botox is totally reversible and thus any side-effect is merely a temporary thing. All these risks will be explained to you during the pre-surgery consultation.

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