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wisdom tooth extraction

Your mouth will constantly change throughout your life and that’s a fact! It won’t always be young and healthy. In your life especially between the ages 17-21, there will be a growth of wisdom teeth also called the third molars. Now, you may have heard before that your wisdom tooth needs to get removed otherwise it will cause a lot of complications. Regarding the removal procedure, there are a lot of things that you don’t know but are ‘wrong’ about the procedure. Among those common misconceptions, is the scary image of the big bad doctor with surgical tools!

No matter how many myths you have heard, the fact remains that lower or upper wisdom teeth removal is not as scary or painful as a procedure. If you choose the right clinic and doctor for your surgery, it will be a fairly uncomplicated process. People mostly get the idea of painful and troubling wisdom tooth surgical procedures via the hearsay words from friends and family. But it’s time you listen to the experts.

Want to know about the reality of the common misconceptions of wisdom tooth removal? Keep reading!

wisdom teeth removal

Myth: Too Painful, I won’t Do it!

Reality: Relieves You Off Unwarranted Pain

Wisdom teeth removal Charlotte NC is a complex and serious procedure. Yes, your oral surgeon indeed has to maintain a lot of protocols during the surgery but that’s not something you have to concern yourself with, right? Now, some people have the belief that complication is equal to pain but that’s not the case at all. The best part of getting your wisdom tooth removed is relieving yourself of unwanted pain and complexities. Teeth are not commonly known as sensitive body parts but when anything happens to them, God It does it cause immense discomfort and pain! To avoid feeling any of it, visit your chosen oral surgeon and get the extraction done as soon as possible without getting scared.

Myth: Surgery Takes Too Long!

Reality: Time Consumption is Different For Every Patient

When you search about the ‘wisdom teeth removal near me on Google’, nosy friends and relatives might tell you, ‘oh the surgery takes too long!’. Hearing this myth might scare off what “goes” on for so long, but relax, let us clear this misconception too! When you go to a clinic for a consultation regarding your impacted upper wisdom tooth, the doctor will specially mention all the details regarding your surgery. Like our trusted Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. deals with his patients in a loving and supportive way to assure them about the entirety of the surgery. During this discussion, you will get to know exactly what will happen and how long it will take. When your doubts get cleared, your mind will be at ease during the process.

Myth: Too Expensive!

Reality: Affordable Wisdom Tooth Removal Options Are Available

There is a common myth about wisdom tooth extraction Charlotte NC, that it takes a lot of money! Well, could you ‘be’ more wrong! On a serious note, our oral surgeon wisdom teeth removal will make sure that the process goes on smoothly. And you have the correct guide for aftercare but above all, we guarantee to not burn your pockets. Picking Rolle Oral & Facial Surgery will help you to get the best quotes available in the entire North Carolina area with the best oral surgeon too!

Now that all your myths have the light of reality, it will be easier for you to go ahead and get rid of your annoying wisdom tooth! You can visit our website at https://rolleoralfacialsurgery.com/procedures/wisdom-teeth/or call 704-892-9500 to book an appointment.

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