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No matter how common wisdom tooth extraction is as a process, when it comes to dealing with the pain and discomfort of it, everyone feels uncomfortable. And that is why just after removing your wisdom tooth, it is necessary to follow a certain set of instructions given by your doctor.

Just after wisdom tooth extraction Charlotte NC, it becomes paramount to ensure that the patients heal well. And for that, creation of the blood clot in the empty socket is necessary. Hence, you need to be extra cautious. So, once your process is done at a clinic of Charlotte, Cornelius, Huntersville, Mooresville, and Statesville, you can do the following things for better healing and faster recovery.

wisdom tooth extraction charlotte NC

Go Home with Someone

Any oral surgeon for wisdom tooth removal will suggest that you should go to the clinic with someone for company. Even after the procedure is over, the effect of local anesthesia will be there. Hence, it is better that you do not walk or drive. Ask someone to take you home safely.

Get Lots of Fluid

Because of the pain and discomfort, you will be advised to not have any solid food on the same day. Also, a little bit of movement can dislodge the blood clot that is supposed to grow in the empty socket and ensure that your gum heals. Hence, for one day, it is better to rely on liquid and semi-liquid food. Also, since you have lost blood during the procedure at a clinic in Davidson, Kenansville, or Concord, it is necessary that you take lots of fluids.

Plan a Relaxing Day

For the rest of the day, keep yourself relaxed. Take a day off from work. Don’t go out or do any exercise. Stay at home. Sleep as you will be taking pain medications. Keep doing ice compress on the side of your face. Spend the rest of the day doing relaxing activities like watching films, TV or reading, or sleeping.

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