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Oral Surgeon for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Planning to get your wisdom tooth removed? Or did a dentist suggest you remove your impacted wisdom teeth? In either case, the process of lower or upper wisdom teeth removal is severely intricate. You might be tempted to ask your dentist to just pull out the particular wisdom teeth. Though most dentists can perform the surgery on you, but you might have to face a painstaking process with u tter discomfort. It is mostly because they are not trained to perform wisdom tooth extraction surgery. You would not want to add to the pain and discomfort you are feeling. Which is why, the best choice would be to visit a reputed and experienced oral surgeon who is trained and certified. There are some very precise reasons to visit an oral surgeon to get your wisdom teeth removed. Read on to know why.

Training in Anesthesia

When dentists perform wisdom teeth removal surgery on you, you must remember that they are not trained in the procedure of wisdom teeth removal Charlotte NC. Their training is different from that of an oral surgeon. You need to get in touch with professionals like Dr. Richard Rolle Jr., an oral surgeon, who is an expert in making your surgery seamless. He uses the needed amount of anesthesia that you need for the oral procedure. It can be local anesthesia or any other form of sedation that would help you to go under the knife. This sedation also helps in calming your anxious nerves. There are several types of anesthetics that could be used according to the condition of your wisdom tooth, like nitrous oxide, sedation anesthesia and general anesthesia along with the local anesthesia. Dr. Rolle of Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery, is trained to make sure that the anesthesia is applied to the correct area and does not affect the maxillofacial area.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Surgical Know-How

Oral surgeons spend a total of 4 years in training to learn the complex oral and maxillofacial procedures. This alone states how much they are skilled in their area. Wisdom teeth removal procedure is not like removing any other teeth from your mouth. It is rather very complex and detail oriented. They are trained to do every complicated procedure with utter care, from wisdom tooth removal to full mouth dental implants, they can do it all. Choose the expert oral surgeon at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery and let the discomfort of your wisdom tooth be removed with it.

These are the basic and most important reasons why you should consult an oral surgeon for your wisdom teeth removal. Don’t let the term surgery scare you, the correct surgeon would make it a seamless act that you wouldn’t even be aware of. Contact one of the most renowned and sought after oral and facial surgery clinics, Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery at 704-892-9500 for a seamless wisdom teeth removal. Or to know more, you can go through how Dr. Richard Rolle Jr.


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