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full mouth dental implants

Teeth is one of the sensory organs in our body and apart from helping us chew and swallow our food, it also gives our face a unique structure. Without the teeth, the face wouldn’t get a structure and the mouth would seem to be falling off loose. Of course it goes without saying that they are very important for our overall health too as without chewing on our food, we will have to compromise on our meals. When just one tooth falls off, you can still manage, even if a couple more dislodges, you will be able to bear it. But if one by one, all of them dislodges or emergency tooth removal is required, you definitely will need to seek medical help. Though, ignoring any can lead to severe complications and you must visit an oral surgeon immediately.

Full mouth dental implants are one of the best solutions for people with weak teeth or when more than half of them have dislodged. In this procedure, both the root and crown are replaced with titanium which is one of the safest materials to be used for artificial joints. Titanium is used even during a corrective jaw surgery and many other types of dental procedures.

dental implants

Why opt for Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Earlier, partial bridges or dentures were common but with the continuing advancements in modern dentistry, procures such as dental implants, dental bone grafting etc. have become common nowadays. Just like a natural tooth has the root, dentin, pulp and crown – even in dental implant, the titanium screw is used as the ‘root’ over which a new tooth crown is placed. Surely, it is a time taking procedure and will require you to visit your doctor numerous times, but it is a full-proof procedure that will secure your teeth and gums at least for two decades.

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