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bone grafting

When a patient is coming for a procedure like getting dental implants or facial trauma treatment, they generally don’t often prepare for the dental bone graft. But when you are searching for an oral surgeon near me and going to get these procedures done, it is most likely that they will ask you for bone grafting.

You might wonder why and when you might need dental bone grafting. In the following points, you will find answers to your doubts and questions. Take a look.

Bone Degeneration

When you lose a tooth and leave the socket empty for even one year, this can cause 25% denegation of your jaw bone. Now, maybe after a year or so, if you are getting dental implants, then the oral surgeon will suggest you to get bone grafting Charlotte NC as it will offer your teeth a better foundation and support.

Periodontal Disease

In this disease, a type of bacteria can slowly eat away the jaw bone and periodontal ligament. This can result in degeneration of your jaw and gum, and losing your tooth. If you are suffering from this disease, the surgeon will ask for bone grafting to offer your gum the support after the treatment is over.

Dental Trauma

Automobile or recreational accidents, interpersonal violence, or even a fall can cause massive dental trauma, like knocking out your teeth and fracturing your jaw. In this case, for treating the injuries, you will need to get a bone graft. It will restore the functionality of your jaw and gum while offering a better foundation for your new set of dental implants.

So, now as you know why and when you should get a dental bone graft, what are you waiting for? Find the oral and maxillofacial surgery clinic that treats wisdom tooth removal Charlotte NC as well as dental bone grafting, and get it done right away.

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