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Bone Grafting Procedure

Dental bone grafting is a necessary procedure when you are going for dental implants. Most of the time, we get patients for dental implants at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery, whose state of the jaw bones is pretty deteriorated. And that is when Dr. Richard Rolle Jr, our founder and lead surgeon suggests that they should get bone grafting.

Bone Grafting Before Getting Implants

When you lose your teeth and leave the place without a replacement for some time or a long time, the gum and the jaw bone start deteriorating. For most patients, the blood clot in the socket gets dislodged which also results in a dry socket and weakening of the jawbones. For dental implants, you need a strong foundation. This is why dental bone grafting becomes necessary.

You have already seen what you can expect from the procedure of dental bone grafting. Now, in the following points, you will read about what you can expect after the procedure.

Bone Grafting

  • Right After the Procedure

Once the surgery is over, and the effects of anesthesia wear off, you will start feeling some pain and discomfort. Just as Dr. Rolle says, this is a natural reaction of your body. You will get prescribed pain killers and antibiotics which will help you in dealing with the pain while reducing any possible chance of infection. After the procedure, you will have to wait so that the bone graft for dental implants gets completely fused with the natural bone and creates the right foundation for the implants.

  • Duration of the Recovery

Depending on the age of the patient, his or her health and what type of procedure has been performed, the healing with happen. The time span can be from minimum of two weeks to over two months.

  • Suggestions to Follow

After the bone grafting Charlotte NC, you need to follow a few suggestions:

    • Don’t touch the wound and don’t rinse it regularly
    • Ensure that you are not applying pressure to the surgical area with tongue and finger
    • Apply ice packs for 24-48 hours for reducing the swelling and pain
    • Go for a liquid diet and soft food during your healing and gradually move to harder food.
    • Maintain proper oral hygiene.

Once your jaw bone has grown right around the bone graft, you need to come back to us at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery. To book an appointment, dial 704-892-9500 now.

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