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When you are experiencing piercing or numbing pain in your ears, jaw or temporomandibular joint, it is the pain caused by TMJ disorder. TMJ or temporomandibular joints are the ones where the jaws connect with the skull and if there is a problem, then it can cause severe pain for you. You can have massive pain or discomfort in the area or you can hear a clicking sound every time you move your jaw.

TMJ Treatment Options

When patients come to Dr. Richard Rolle Jr, they ask for a permanent solution with medicine or surgery. Now, the problem with TMJ disorder is that even though pain medication and surgery can be options of treatment of TMJ, yet the problem might come back and persist. And that is why you need to exercise as TMJ treatment Charlotte NC.

So, if you are suffering from this pain and looking for TMJ specialist near me in NC, then coming to Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery is the right idea. We can help you with the following exercises that will help you get long-term relief from the pain or the disturbing clicking sound from TMJ disorder. Take a look.

TMJ Treatment

  • Relaxed Jaw Exercise

This is a very easy exercise to do. For this, you need to rest your tongue on the top of your mouth. The position will be right behind your upper front teeth. Now, you need to let the teeth from both jaws come apart while you relax your jaw muscle.  Suggested by renowned TMJ oral surgeon, Dr. Rolle, this exercise will surely reduce your pain.

  • Partial Opening or Goldfish Exercise

For this exercise, you will have to do a few things. First, place your tongue on the top of your mouth. Next, put one finger on the TMJ itself near your ear. Put the index finger from the other hand on your chin. Now, drop your lower jaw and close the mouth in some time. You should not feel any pain though there will be a mild resistance. In one set, you should do it six times. And you should repeat this exercise six times daily. There is another variation of it called completely dropping your jaw.

  • Chin Tuck

For this, pull your shoulders back and chest up. And now, tuck your chin straight back so that you can create a double chin. Hold for three seconds in this position. You need to repeat this ten times a day.

So, if you are looking for TMJ treatment near me, you need to come to us immediately. For more details on Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery, dial 704-892-9500 now.

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