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Third molars or wisdom teeth can be a part of the painless normal oral function for you. Or it can be impacted and severely painful for you. For around 10 million Americans, every year, experiencing pain is a common thing due to impacted third molar. And that is why extraction of wisdom teeth is a regular procedure today.

If you are experiencing a lot of pain due to your wisdom tooth impaction and you need impacted tooth removal right away, Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery is here for you. But before you decide to go for this procedure, you need to look for a few signs that will tell you that you need wisdom teeth removal. Take a look.


Severe Pain

Severe Pain

If you have impacted wisdom teeth, you will feel severe pain. It will create a lot of discomfort for you that you will not be okay to work or function normally. You might experience pericoronitis pain unbearable which happens due to partial eruption of the tooth and affected soft tissues around it. You can feel pressure and pain in the gum if the tooth remains trapped inside the gum. A wisdom teeth removal procedure is the only way to get rid of this pain.



You will experience swelling in your wisdom tooth. Because of the infection in the surrounding tissue, you will experience swelling. When you are going for the removal procedure, you need to know that the swelling will be there during your wisdom tooth extraction recovery too. With healing, the swelling will go down.

Bad Breath

If you have a partially impacted wisdom tooth, it will be challenging to keep it clean. The adjoining teeth and tissues will not offer you enough space for it. And that is why it will cause bad breath. If you are experiencing bad breath along with pain at the back of your set of teeth at any jaw and its corner, come to us.

Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. offers world class treatment at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery. Come here today. Schedule your appointment by dialing 704-892-9500 now and experience excellence.

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