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If you think that corrective jaw surgery is needed to fix your health issues, then read this blog carefully. The whole surgery is a serious procedure and requires a lot of planning on your behalf. Since there are well-recommended places near you to operate, you need to be sure about what you are going to choose. No matter how great reviews the clinics or the oral surgeon in question has received, you need to be well informed about what’s going to go with you before and after the surgery. Whenever you are looking for a clinic to perform a broken jaw surgery asking the underneath mentioned questions to them, will make things more transparent.

Want to know what these questions are? Keep reading!

sudden jaw pain

Is Surgery the Only Way Out?

Now, before you keep hope in your heart regarding the surgery, let us be very clear. A broken jaw does not have quick fixes. Surgery is the only option that is going to suit you and also give permanent results. Having a broken jaw is not only a hassle but an extremely painful process. So if you are experiencing any sudden jaw pain or any other similar symptoms, get in touch with us. Sometimes surgery is not the only way out. Our Dr.Rolle will assess your case and choose the best option for you.

However, sometimes the case may be dire so surgery is the only way out. In those situations, when you have the means to get surgery done to remove these unnecessary health complications, why not go for it? Consulting our oral surgeon is the best way out.

What Happens If I Decide Against Surgery?

Many of you might be in doubt regarding what happens if you decide against the surgery. Well, truthfully speaking there are many potential complications of leaving a double jaw surgery midway or leaving it untreated. Some people have jaw issues since birth or develop them during the growing years. But when there is a solution to your problem, why risk it any further?

But for some people factors like stress, undecidedness, and other mental factors make them unsure. If you are thinking of going through this surgery and are feeling undecided at the same time, it’s best to ask your oral surgeon about the concern.

What Happens During the Surgery?

The double jaw surgery before and after the process is something you will be able to see with your own eyes. But what happens during the surgery might be one of your biggest worries. Without any hesitation, ask your oral surgeon about what he will do exactly. At ROFS, Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. makes sure that all your doubts are met by explaining the whole process in detail. When your doubts get clear, it will be easier for you to sit still and relax in your operation chair!

How Long Will the Surgery Go on For?

The whole process of jaw surgery does take time depending upon a couple of factors like how bad the broken jaw is, where it is positioned, etc. When you get your surgery done from Rolle Oral & Facial Surgery, rest assured you will get a clear idea about the kind of time it will take for us to complete your broken jaw operation. With the help of transparency, you can get a family member or friend to wait for you and take you home safely. Once you know all about the discharge procedure, it will be easy for you to understand all the later arrangements comfortably.

Now that you know what important questions should be asked to your oral surgeon about the broken jaw surgery, do not be skeptical. Visit https://rolleoralfacialsurgery.com/procedures/jaw-surgery/ for more information about the procedure and how Dr. Rolle treats it.

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