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corrective jaw surgery

Orthognathic surgery or jaw surgery is a quite complex procedure and if you are getting it done, then you are going to have a long and excruciating recovery period ahead. If you are in Charlotte, Cornelius, Huntersville, Mooresville and Statesville NC and looking for the best oral surgeon near me for getting the jaw surgery done, then you can visit Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery as he is one of the best in this.

So, once the surgery is over and you are home, there are a few precautions that you will need to take to ensure that you heal faster. Take a look at the following points to know about the post-op precautions for corrective jaw surgery.

double jaw surgery

Limit Your Activities

Right after the surgery, your mouth will be tender and swollen. Your jaws will be wired shut. That is why you need to keep your movements limited. Your jaw movement will be stopped for some time in order to promote healing. You will need complete rest. After the surgery, you will be weak too. Hence, resting is necessary. Also, even after when your wires are gone, don’t smoke or drink.

Know about Side Effects

After your double jaw surgery, there will be a few side effects that you will need to be prepared for.

  • Soreness, swollen face, pain and discomfort
  • Fatigue and grogginess
  • Bruised face and sore throat
  • Drooling
  • Bleeding in mouth and nose
  • Jaw and muscle spasm
  • Numbness in chin, lips and cheek

Know about Your Diet

During the recovery, you need to take special care of your diet. While your jaws will be wired, you will have to go for a liquid diet with smoothies, shakes and juice. Then after a month, slowly move to softer food like mashed potato, applesauce, scrambled eggs, yogurt and so on. Once you are fully healed, you can take solid food.

Find the right surgeon in Davidson, Kenansville and Concord, NC who offers jaw surgery as well as full mouth dental implants and schedule your appointment.

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