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Sleep Apnea

The fact that relatively less people know that sleep apnea can affect your cardiovascular and metabolic system, is alarming. It happens when the airway muscles relax in your sleep and disrupts the path of the air to flow. This can cause you to stop breathing for 10 seconds or more at a given time, until your reflexes kick starts the breathing again.

There are two types of sleep apnea. The first being obstructive sleep apnea. The other type is called the central sleep apnea.

Obtrusive sleep apnea, the more common one amongst the two, can happen to anyone irrespective of the general known rule about only old women facing it. And at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery, we help you in getting it diagnosed as early as possible. You can identify at an early stage if you are suffering from obtrusive sleep apnea and get a proper sleep apnea surgery. Read on to know it’s symptoms and causes.

Sleep Apnea


The symptoms of obtrusive sleep apnea are:

  • Excessive daytime sleeping.
  • Immensely loud snoring.
  • Episodes where you wake up gasping or choking.
  • Irregular breathing patterns observed by sleep partner(s).
  • Morning headache with difficulty in concentrating during the day.
  • High mood swings.
  • High blood pressure and decreased libido.

If you identify even a few with yourself, you must visit a specialist immediately. At ROFS, we diagnose you in a matter of moments with highest efficiency and accuracy. So, if you want to get diagnosed, search for “sleep apnea doctors near me” and visit me, Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. and get treated. You can also Call 704-892-9500 and book an appointment.


Obtrusive sleep apnea is caused when the muscles in the back of your throat relax so much that when you breathe, the air does not pass the airway. This lowers the oxygen level in your body and builds up the carbon-dioxide level. There is a pattern to identify if you are suffering from it.. You would wake up choking, gasping or just breathless for more than 30 times when you sleep. Many people don’t even understand that they are going through this massive disease. If you can identify with these, you should seek the best sleep apnea treatment Charlotte NC.

The worst thing about sleep apnea is that most people don’t even know that they can or are suffering from it. Its symptoms are rather very regular but the causes explain how deep of a danger it can be for you.  We at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery, have a renowned reputation for catering to every need of patients. Call 704-892-9500 or click on this https://rolleoralfacialsurgery.com/blog/category/sleep-apnea/, to know more about us.

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