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TMJ specialist

When you are dealing with TMJ pain, you will experience some tenderness and discomfort around your jaw. TMJ or temporomandibular joints are the ones where both the jaws meet the skull. If this jaw is not functioning well, then you might hear some clicking sound every time you move your jaw. Also, you might feel tenderness, pain, and discomfort in your jaw and at times even in your ears.

If you are looking for TMJ treatment, then you can get it from Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery.TMJ disorders can be treated most of the time with some lifestyle changes. How can you do that? Take a look.

Minimizing Activities

As your jaws are joined at your TMJ, it is necessary that you minimize the activities of your jaw. Apart from eating food, there are many other movements your jaws do. That will include, talking out loud, laughing loud, opening your mouth wide, and chewing gum. Often people grit their teeth while stressed. That is why it will not be very helpful to manage the pain if you keep doing this. So, make sure that you are controlling these habits. Dr. Richard Rolle Jr., oral and maxillofacial surgeon says the same thing.

Change Food Habit

When you are trying to control your jaw movement, it is necessary that you change your food habit too. Chewing hard or sticky food will involve a lot of jaw movement. Hence, you can switch to softer food like yogurt, mashed potato, scrambled eggs, applesauce and so on. When you are coming to any clinic for oral and facial surgery, they will suggest the same thing.

Use Night Guard

When you are sleeping, your jaws will remain in a lax position. This way, it can relax unless you end grinding teeth in sleep or close your jaws. For TMJ patients, using night guards has been proved to be a helpful option.

When you are searching for a TMJ specialist near me, come to Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery for getting advice from Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. Schedule your appointment by calling at 704-892-9500 now to Experience Excellence.

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