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Jaw Surgery

Getting a jaw surgery is actually going through a lot of physical turmoil that often many don’t understand before getting it done. Maybe you have been dealing with bad bites for a very long time. Or maybe you have been in an accident recently and after that, you have been experiencing pain and swollenness in your jaw. If you notice any symptom of the broken or dislocated jaw, then you need to come to us right away at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery.

Jaw Surgery

  • Recovery Post Jaw Surgery

When you are getting jaw surgery done by Dr. Richard Rolle Jr., you are in safe hands. If you search for a jaw surgeon near me in North Carolina, he will be your best shot. But at the same time, we would also want you to recover faster. And for that, in the following points, you will get some practical tips that will help you get through the recovery process.

  • Get a Caregiver

We often take various tasks for granted, for example, getting up, taking shower, eating or drinking anything. When you are recovering from broken jaw surgery, you will find it very difficult to do these tasks. And that is why you need to hire or get a caregiver. If you have a family member who can take care of you, that is great too. They will be responsible for helping you do everything as well as maintaining your oral hygiene as that is crucial too.

  • Be Prepared for Drooling and Breathing Issue

You might find your nostrils to be blocked with dried blood once you get back home after the surgery. Later on, because of the dried nostril, you might have mild breathing issues too. Keep nasal spray with you for that. Also, as your jaw will be shut wired, you can expect a lot of drooling. If it happens, don’t be scared.

  • Be Mindful of Minor Development

When you are recovering, you might feel frustrated due to the time it takes to recover. But don’t be. Every day behappy for every small progress you make. This will help you through your recovery process.

Even though it is a long journey ahead of yours, don’t get frustrated. You will get better. For corrective jaw surgery, if you are looking for oral surgeons near me, come to Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery. Dial 704-892-9500 now for more details.

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