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Dental Bone Grafting

Are you in chronic pain due to a missing tooth? Did your doctor tell you that dental implants Charlotte NC won’t help your case?

Don’t feel disheartened, there is a way out. Dental bone grafting helps to repair bones when they have been severely fractured. When dental implants don’t work, bone grafting is required. It is necessary to transplant the dental issues in case of fracture or other dental issues.  t is advised to go to a reputed and experienced oral surgeon who is trained and certified. New bone growth will get promoted and you can see healthy white teeth shining back at you in the mirror! What more? You won’t think twice before smiling!

We understand that any kind of oral surgery is intimidating. But with our team at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery clinic and Dr. Richard Rolle Jr’s guidance, your surgery will be smooth and easy. Our entire team will make sure that you are comfortable and the right post-op care is given to you. Even though bone grafting Charlotte NC is a straightforward surgery, with minimum risks, there are some ways you can prepare for it.

Want to know more? Read on.

What Should You Do Before the Surgery?

Inform Your Doctor About Your Everyday Medications

Before the surgery, our doctor will ask about your family history, the medications you take, pre-existing health conditions you suffer from, etc. You need to provide correct information to our doctor. E.g.- If you are taking any kind of anti-inflammatory drugs or herbal supplements it will slow down the platelet production in your body. And post-operation you will need healthy platelet creation.

Adjustments in Existing Dental Work

If you have existing dental crowns or dental bridges, our doctor will adjust them with socket preservation before the surgery. This will get done to avoid any kind of damage to the restoration during the dental bone grafting

Prepare Well for the Big Day

Arrange for transportation after your surgery. Ask a friend or family member to receive you at the clinic and monitor your post-op condition.

Eat all medications as prescribed. Our team will also give you a list of food items that you cannot consume after the surgery. Take some time off work. Do not engage in any strenuous physical activity for a week.

Do not look anymore for oral surgeons! Visit our clinic now. We will take care that your grafting procedure goes without any glitches. Our doctor will also let you know every minute details of the procedure – how to encourage bone growth after tooth extraction, what post-op is best for you, etc. Call us at 704-892-9500 or visit our website https://rolleoralfacialsurgery.com/ if your tooth is troubling you.



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