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Having a traditional denture is used to solve the problem for people who have lost their teeth untimely. But this is not the ideal solution for the patients as it seems. If you have been wearing the denture, you also must be tired with regularly removing your denture too. That is why the revolutionary technique of replacing your existing teeth, dental implants, has become so much popular.

So, if you are planning to restore the functionality of your mouth, then come to Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery today. We are the best clinic founded by Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. that you can find in North Carolina when you are searching for oral surgeons in my area. Get full mouth dental implants so that you can enhance the quality of your life.

full mouth dental implants

How Many Affordable Implants You Will Need for Your Upper Denture?

When it comes to the number of dental implants for the upper or lower denture arch, you need more than one implant to stabilize the base of the whole bridge. Now, the number of affordable dental implants can vary from two to six.

For the number of implants, there are few determining factors that you will have to keep in mind. That will include:

  • The level of jaw bone density
  • Whether it is a full denture or not
  • Whether it is upper or lower

When it comes to jaw bone density, it is necessary for you to know that if the bone density is not good, then more implants will be needed. But that might also not work. That is where the doctor might suggest you getting dental bone grafting before dental implants Charlotte NC. Also, if you are going for a partial denture, then it will involve a fewer number of implants. However, we believe that getting full mouth implants is better than partial one as it will offer more functionality and longevity.

Also, typically, the lower jaw bone is stronger than the upper one. So, if you are getting a denture for the upper jaw, then you will need more implants.

What will happen in your individual case, that can be determined after proper examination. That is why dial 704-892-9500

now and schedule an appointment with Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery today.

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