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sleep apnea treatment

Are you or your loved one is suffering from sleep apnea and looking for the best place to get treated? We, at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery, offer you the best treatment for curing and managing your issue of sleep apnea. Our founder and lead surgeon Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. is an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon offering world-class treatment in North Carolina.

Obtrusive sleep apnea is a condition that makes the tongue sucked at the back of the throat creating an obstruction in the airways. So, when you are breathing while sleeping, you end up snoring. Or the patient with sleep apnea might wake up gasping for breath. If you are looking for the best place for Sleep Apnea North Carolina Oral and Facial Surgery then come to us. We will help you manage sleep apnea more effectively.

Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea

 When you are coming to use for your sleep apnea treatment in Charlotte, Cornelius, and other surrounding areas of NC, we will assess the different anatomic situations in your maxillofacial area. With a skull x-ray and Naso-pharyngeal exam, we try to find the decreased level of oxygen and the cardiovascular compromise it is causing. We might suggest overnight monitoring for the patients too. Diagnosis is very important in order to cure the condition.

Treatment of Sleep Apnea

During the initial stage of treatment, a nasal mask and nasal CPAP machine will be used to deliver pressurized oxygen. The common surgical treatment a patient can get is UvuloPalato Pharyngo-Plasty or UPPP that will be performed on your palate and the back of your throat. Apart from that Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. also performs sleep apnea surgery that will help you recover completely.

So, to get treated and experience excellence, come to us today. Dial 704-892-9500 now or visit rolleoralfacialsurgery.com.


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