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Whether you’re visiting Cornelius for a short period or are a resident, you should know the history of Mecklenburg county’s second youngest town. Learning the history of your town fosters a sense of belonging, pride in cultural heritage, and builds community. 

As an oral surgeon in Cornelius, Rolle Oral & Facial Surgery believes in promoting the Cornelius heritage. 

In this article, we review the history of Cornelius, the growth of the town, and some of the best things to do in Cornelius

Early History of Cornelius

Origin, Naming & Evolution of Cornelius

In the 1800s, Cornelius was known for its large cotton farms and mills. The founders cultivated, processed, and traded cotton in Davidson. Over time, the road to Davidson became bad and dangerous to travel so the townspeople planned to establish a mill. 

Cornelius takes its name from Joseph Benjamin Cornelius who was the main sponsor of the Cornelius mill. Mr. Joseph was not a resident of the town when he decided to invest in the project. 

To immortalize his contribution, the town’s council decided to rename the area Cornelius in 1893 and it was incorporated in 1905.

Today, Cornelius is a popular suburban town located 20 miles north-west of Charlotte. Cornelius is a great place for quiet living without giving up technology or amenities. Several hospitals, specialist dental practices, restaurants, gas stations, and parks are located in the area. 

The residents are friendly and conservative like you would expect a Southern state to be. 

Things to do in Cornelius

In the past decade, Cornelius’s population has grown significantly as the town’s economy and infrastructure expanded. Whether you’re moving to town permanently or visiting, there are activities to keep you busy.

Standup paddle boarding at Aloha Paddle Sports

Test your paddling skills at Aloha Paddle Sports

The beautiful Lake Norman flows through Cornelius, creating hangout spots for entertainment activities. Aloha Paddle Sports is one of the popular businesses around Lake Norman. The sports center offers kayak and paddleboard rental. Also, Aloha Paddle Sports offers introductory classes to stand up paddleboarding. The lessons are suitable for all ages.

COVID Update: Due to the COVID, visitors may be required to maintain social distance and pass a temperature check before entering the facility. Also, you are required to stay home if you feel fever symptoms or a cold.

Soak in the Sun at Jetton Park & Ramsey Creek Park

Jetton Park and Ramsey Creek Park are the most popular parks in Cornelius. Both parks boast stunning beaches and open areas for physical activity. 

Ramsey Creek Park has the only swimmable lake in Cornelius. On the other hand, Jetton Park has a fully-equipped children’s play area, a white gazebo, and picnic areas.

COVID Update for Jetton and Ramsey Creek Park: Visitors are required to maintain social distance on the park grounds. Please note that you’re required to take responsibility by wearing a mask and staying at home if you feel unwell.

Eat delicious seafood

With a Lake flowing through the town, it is expected that Cornelius would have rich seafood. Most of the restaurants in the area have a special sea dish on the menu or a popular meal with a twist – Crab Cake Sandwich. 

The best restaurants include Hello Sailor, 131 Main, Port City Club, Galway Hooker Irish Club, and Mac’s Speed Shop.

For more information on things to do in Cornelius, read our latest blog.

COVID Notice: Due to the pandemic, public places like restaurants and parks maintain a strict mask-on and social distancing policy. Please find out the COVID rules of your destination before visiting. 


Perseverance, ambition, and sacrifice describe Cornelius’s history. Cornelius is the second youngest town in Mecklenburg county, but it has a robust infrastructure like older towns. 

Rolle Oral & Facial Surgery provides Oral and maxillofacial surgery in Cornelius. Our services include dental implant surgery, wisdom teeth extractions, dental implants, bone grafting, jaw surgery, and cosmetic facial rejuvenation.

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