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wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth removal is a fairly simple and common procedure. Every year, more than one million people all over the US get their wisdom teeth removed. And after the procedure, they get back to their normal life in a couple of days.

So, if you are coming to Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery for lower or upper wisdom teeth removal, there is nothing to be worried about. At Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery, Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. offers the world class treatment that will help you in faster wisdom tooth recovery. In fact, many older patients come to us for a successful procedure too. However, there are a few common complications that can happen after the procedure which will need immediate medical attention.

wisdom teeth removal

Dry Socket or Alveolar Osteitis

Once the wisdom teeth removal Charlotte NC is done, you will have to bite on a gauze pad at the extraction site. This is actually done so that a blood clot can form in the empty socket. Without it, the jaw bone will remain exposed and vulnerable. For few patients, the blood clot gets dislodged or doesn’t get formed in the first place. As a result, the extraction site develops a dry socket which will cause infection and deterioration of the jaw bone. It can happen within 2-5 days of the procedure. If you feel a sharp pain at the extraction site, come to us right away so that this can be treated.

Pain and Swelling

The common effect of wisdom teeth removal is that you will experience pain and swelling. The site will be painful as well as that side of the mouth, and it will cause swelling. After the procedure of wisdom teeth removal near me is done, we will offer you a prescription with pain medication and antibiotics. While the painkiller will give some relief from the pain, the antibiotics will help you prevent any kind of infection. If you feel the pain for more than seven days, come to us for a follow-up.

Limited Opening of Mouth

When you are getting the wisdom teeth removed, this procedure can cause a temporary restriction for opening your mouth fully. This should be resolved in one day. But if you are noticing pain and discomfort while opening your mouth, call us immediately. Generally, pain medication, heat and ice pack help in this condition. We can also prescribe muscle relaxants.

Excessive Bleeding

For the first 8-12 hours, bleeding from the extraction site is normal. In fact, it takes time to form a blood clot. During this time, we will instruct you to rinse your mouth with saltwater to minimize the bleeding. But if the bleeding doesn’t stop after 12 hours, let us know.

Lip Numbness

Though this is unlikely, it can happen as the wisdom teeth or third molar is located near the inferior alveolar nerve. If during the procedure, the nerve is damaged, you can experience numbness in the lip and jaw. This is temporary and very rare in wisdom teeth extraction.

So, now as you know about these complications, talk about them in detail with Dr. Rolle and ask all your questions. For scheduling an appointment, dial 704-892-9500 now.

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