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TMJ Disorder

The temporomandibular joint or TMJ are the two joints where the jaws meet the skull. Thesejoints are responsible for keeping with the normal movements of the jaw and other activities like swallowing, chewing, talking and so on. If either or both of the TMJs is/are somehow damaged due to an accident or dislocation, then it can cause mild to severe pain for the patient and the conditionis called TMJ disorder.

At Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery, they treat multiple cases of TMJ every now and then. This condition can create many limitations for the patient. While the patient might feel pain and discomfort, they might also notice:

  • Clenching and grinding of the teeth
  • Clicking sound in the jaw
  • Bad bite
  • Jaw locking

So, if you are suffering from this problem, come to Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery and let them take care of you.

TMJ Disorder

Treatment of TMJ Disorder at the Clinic

When you are looking for an oral surgeon near me so that you can find the right and permanent solution for TMJ disorder, you need to know that it is not really possible. The surgery for TMJ is known to arthroscopy and it is not 100% successful in curing the problem. In fact, often the condition gets reversed. So, how it will be treated?

Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. is one of the most eminent oral and facial surgeons in the country. He treats TMJ disorder efficiently without surgery and with some minor lifestyle changes. If you are looking for treatment, he might suggest the following:

  • Giving your jaw proper rest
  • While you are not swallowing or eating, keep your teeth apart
  • Eating soft food as chewing hard will increase the pain
  • Ice and heat compress that will reduce pain
  • Exercises of the jaw
  • Helping with good posture

Follow these instructions properly and you will be able to keep your TMJ pain in check for the longest time possible. And for an appointment, dial 704-892-9500 now and experience excellence.

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