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wisdom tooth

When it comes to the pain and discomfort caused by your teeth, wisdom teeth are the most common reason. From teenagers to late twenties, anyone can suffer from the issues of wisdom tooth. In case your wisdom tooth or the third molar is affected or impacted, it can cause severe discomfort along with excruciating pain. At Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery, we make sure that you get rid of the pain and resume your daily life as quickly as possible after the extraction.

For successful wisdom teeth removal in Charlotte NC, it is necessary for the oral surgeons in Charlotte NC to find out what kind of impact is there in the wisdom tooth. When you are coming to Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery, we will ensure that you get the complete picture of what is wrong before we proceed with the treatment. Take a look at the following types of impaction that can happen to your wisdom tooth.

Soft Tissue Impaction

The third molar or the wisdom tooth is located at the end of the set of your teeth. As a result, it is a very tricky place to clean. That is why it is more likely to store dirt which can cause pain. It can get even worse if the soft tissues around the teeth are not flexible. If they are not flexible and stretchable, then you won’t be able to clean them properly.

Partial Bony Impaction

In many cases, your bones and gum have the space for the eruption of the tooth. But as it has partially erupted, it can cause issues while chewing the food or cleaning the teeth. And for the same reason as the previous point, the accumulation of dirt, you can feel severe pain in your upper and lower wisdom tooth. This situation can call for lower or upper wisdom teeth removal.

Complete Bony Impaction

In cases like this, the teeth remain trapped in the jaw bone as there is practically no space for the natural eruption of the wisdom tooth. And that can cause severe pain. This can be pretty complicated to surgically allow the space and remove the impacted tooth.

For any kind of impaction get an appointment with Dr. Rolle at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery and we will take good care of you by performing the flawless extraction procedure. We are the renowned clinic for wisdom teeth, sleep apnea, dermal fillers, bone grafting, and dental implants in Charlotte NC.

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