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Corrective Jaw Surgery

If you are getting jaw surgery, there is a long recovery procedure is waiting for you. Jaw surgery is a pretty serious procedure and once it is over, you will have your jaws wired together. There will be pain and restrictions that you have to follow after the surgery to recover.

But apart from these, there will be some other consequences too of corrective jaw surgery. This part is never found in textbooks. But the patients of Dr. Richard Rolle Jr., the famous oral and maxillofacial surgeon in NC have talked about many times. So, to help you get prepared, here we are putting together a few facts that you need to know for being prepared. Take a look.

Difficult to Sleep

After the surgery, once you are back home, you will be required to get rest as much as possible so that your body starts to heal. Sleep is also important as you will be exhausted because of the surgery. However, it will be difficult to fall asleep. Even though the medication will help you manage the pain, there will be a lot of swelling. Also, you will require to keep your head elevated. This will make it quite difficult to fall asleep after your jaw surgery Charlotte NC.


Your jaws will be wired and as a result, you can expect some drooling. Yes, it will be gross and uncontrollable. But as your jaws will be wired, drooling can make the thing really difficult for you. be prepared as drooling will increase at the time when you will sleep.

Too Much Swelling

Yes, after your jaw surgery, you might feel that there will be too much swelling. You might feel scared about it. But this will be completely natural. Your cheeks and chin will be swollen and tender after the surgery for weeks.

However, all of these problems will go away with time as you will start to recover. So, don’t worry too much about these issues. Stay in touch with us as we will guide you through your recovery process. Come to Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery for jaw surgery as well as TMJ treatment too. Dial 704-892-9500 now for more details.

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