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Jaw Surgery

Having jaw surgery or orthognathic surgery can be a serious deal for any patient. When you are having the surgery, it is obvious that you are dealing with a lot of pain. And obviously, you are trying to heal even faster than you can. For that, it is essential that you take care of your jaw and the surgical site after the surgery is done.

When you are coming to Dr. Richard Rolle Jr., the best oral surgeon in Charlotte for broken jaw surgery or corrective jaw surgery, you will also have to follow the aftercare instructions properly. Take a look at the following points to know what you need to do after the surgery.

Give Time for Healing

The healing process after a major jaw surgery can be quite time-taking. Typically, the time needed for that is six weeks. During these six weeks, you will have to depend on liquid and semi-liquid food. Take a lot of fluid so that you can heal quickly. For double jaw surgery, you might have to keep your jaws wired. And that is why you will have to only take fluids.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Once you start on soft food, you need to take care of oral hygiene properly. After the surgery, your surgical sites will be vulnerable to many infections. Food particles and debris can make things difficult. Hence, it is necessary that you keep your mouth clean and maintain oral hygiene.

Expect Bleeding Initially

After your jaw surgery Charlotte NC, during the first week, you need to take care of the sudden bleeding. Don’t worry if there is blood. It is natural. Your jaw is healing and this bleeding will be very little and should stop within a few minutes.

Follow the instructions and take medications for pain management. Once the place is healed, you will be scheduled for braces. Be patient and get well soon. For more details, visit https://rolleoralfacialsurgery.com/ or call at 704-892-9500 now.

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