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oral surgeons charlotte NC

Hello everyone! This is Dr. Richard Rolle Jr., the founder of Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery. I am thankful to you as you are taking the time to go through these questions and answers so that you understand that you have come to the right doctor for your procedure.

There are many oral surgeons in Charlotte NC. And as a consumer, you have many choices. But unfortunately, all of them might not be equally equipped to manage your complications and provide you with the right kind of treatment. And that is why I have created this questionnaire. You can ask these questions to the oral and maxillofacial surgeon you are visiting and make sure that you are getting satisfied answers before proceeding.

oral surgeons charlotte

  • First, ask them if they are really surgeons?

Many dentists promote themselves by saying that they also perform oral surgeries. However, only oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Charlotte NC are certified and trained to perform complicated procedures like bone grafting Charlotte NC or jaw surgery. Make sure you are going to a surgeon and not a dentist.

  • What about the Board Certification and Experience?

Yes, this is a must as experienced surgeons are adept to deal with the complications that can happen during the procedure. As for me, I am a board certified doctor with thirty years of experience in multiple Level I and II trauma centers across the country. I am also affiliated with many surgical and dental societies. You can find the list of the societies here.

  • Are they Certified Anesthesiologists too?

During the residency, oral and maxillofacial surgeons get training and a diploma in anesthesia. This diplomat status is given by the American Board of Dental Anesthesiology so that the doctors can administer the right type of general anesthesia safely during the procedure. Make sure the surgeon you are choosing has this certification.

  • Do they Keep Up with the Research to Continue Their Medical Education?

Medicine is constantly evolving. New medicines, procedures and technology are coming into the sphere to provide the patients with better care. And a surgeon must keep up with the updates even after starting their practice. I am a believer in this and continue with my research. Hopefully, when you are searching for oral surgeon in my area, you are choosing the surgeon who does the same too.

  • Do They Get Re-certification for Advanced Cardiac Life Support?

With medicine, the guidelines of resuscitation are also changing every day, and that is why a surgeon needs to keep the certification status updated. Make sure your doctor does the same.

  • Is the Doctor Involved in All Aspects of Care?

While it is necessary that the doctor remains involved with the patient at every step, often many surgeons neglect to do so. They offer a video for consultation. However, I am a believer in old school methods. For me, the patient comes first. I personally offer consultation with them. I inform the patients about my treatment plan and ensure that they feel safe and confident about it. After the procedure is done, I provide them with the aftercare instructions.

When you come to Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery, you get to experience world-class treatment. And these questions will ensure that you get that. For a consultation with me, dial 704-892-9500 now and experience excellence.

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